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Premeca Precision Mecanica

Premeca International – Engineering, Procurement and Consulting. More than 50 years of meeting the needs of offshore operators

Premeca Precision MecanicaPremeca International was founded to leverage the extensive knowledge, experience and engineering expertise we developed in operating the renowned Premeca Shipyard, the largest company shipyard serving offshore oil and gas needs in Venezuela. It was there we built the intellectual property that continues to enable SCOFI, its companies and partners to deliver a broad portfolio of the highest-quality products and services for offshore oil and gas production.

Noteworthy areas of expertise include:

All of those skills and expertise remain available to SCOFI customers today, as we continue to deliver a range of engineering services focused on the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry; these specialized services include:


Premeca's history commenced as a mechanic shop, which accounts for the company's name, Precision Mechanics. The equipment inventory is extensive and complete to manage industrial tooling. Included in our machine tool inventory are:

Metallic Carpentry

Metallic Carpentry

Our facility includes a carpentry shed that measures over 2,000 square meters, equipped with two 10 ton bridge cranes. The facility is designed to produce, forge, design and build products in meal mechanic, naval and or industrial ranges.

Our facility also has external warehousing capacity of 6,500,000 sq. meters, and includes the following major equipment list to support our operation:

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premeca foundry

Premeca's history is extensive with respect to the foundry where our experience has been focused on jobs that require service quality such as pre assembly manufacturing or the inclusion or mixture of different elements (traces) in bronzes of different composition - Our experience includes the following denominations:

We are distinguished from gray foundries as our experience and capability includes aluminum and cuprous nickel alloys to produce specialized parts in small series.

foundryFor small, medium or large series, we can manage:

These foundries are produced in large furnaces with a fusing capacity up to 1000 kg/piece. The modeling is proprietary and customized, and due to our diverse capability, our customers may be involved in the entire development process of the required piece, from its original conception through delivery of the product.