Calle 68
Quinta Ares #23
Maracaibo, Zulia



Premarca Precision Marine Company

Premeca Precision MecanicaPremarca is a marine logistics company with a more than 20-year history of service in Venezuela supporting the offshore industry in a variety of marine vessel capacities.

In addition to the design, building and refurbishing of various vessels, Premarca owns and operates tug boats, anchor-handling boats, supply vessels, crew boats and supply and waste barges. With an administrative base in Western Venezuela, Premarca supports operations in all of Venezuela’s offshore provinces.

Premarca continues its commitment to serving the Venezuelan market with the recent acquisition of a 70-ft., 40-ton bollard pull tug boat, placing its fleet amongst the most technically advanced, newest, safest, and most operationally sound vessels in the Venezuela market.

Premarca helps to reinforce SCOFI’s in-depth knowledge of the unique demands and constraints facing Venezuela’s offshore oil and gas producers.

premarca towing boat